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Jenny Xin

Student at Lowell High School

San Francisco, CA

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A basic Minesweeper game using Java. Press Ctrl/command + any key to flag.

Asteroids Game
A basic Asteroids game using Java.

Reaction Game
A basic reaction game using Javascript.

Weather App
A basic weather application using PHP.

Zipcode Finder
A basic zipcode finder using the Google Maps API.

Code Player
A code tester for HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Original Design
An interactive design using Java.

Fractal Tree
A simple tree based on recursion using Java.

Original Fractal
A design based on recursion using Java.

Sierpinski Triangle
The Sierpinski Triangle based on recursion using Java.

Click to roll the die and calculate the total.

A galaxy based on inheritance and polymorphism using Java.

Click to generate a new flash of lightning.

A growing bacteria colony based on arrays in Java.

Twitter App
A Twitter program using the Twitter API.

Khan Academy
Link to all my Khan Academy projects.